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Ghost Tactical No-Show Sock

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With its performance-focused DynaKnit construction, and Ghost's proprietary DR711 Anti Microbial treatment technology, the Ghost Tactical's line of duty socks is the most advanced in the world. The No-Show Tab sock profile was designed to integrate seamlessly with low-cut athletic footwear, and its superior heat shedding profile is ideal when boots are not required and speed is at a premium.

These socks will remain odor-free, clean, and comfortable over extremely long periods of use without laundering. The cotton-enriched technical fabric is treated with DR711 Active Anti-Microbial technology, and will absorb and kill 99.9% of all microbes and bacteria the socks touch within eight hours. This unique approach to microbe and bacteria combat ensures that end-users enjoy reduced risk of foot-related ailments that often occur during the foot's prolonged exposure to moisture and friction.

The DynaKnit construction utilizes a variable density fabric design that fights against blisters, wicks moisture, and cushions against impact all in one package. With a dense weave in key contact points around the base and ends of the foot, and an a minimalistic construction where heat dissipation helps fight against foot fatigue, Ghost Tactical's foot gear is the new standard in technical duty sock solutions.


  • DynaKnit padded impact zones
  • Treated with Ghost's proprietary DR711 anti-microbial technology
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Quick Drying