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Surefire 6Px Pro - SF-6PX-D-BK

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The 6Px Pro'S High-Efficiency Led - Virtually Immune To Failure Since There'S No Filament To Burn Out Or Break - Provides Two Light Output Levels: A Brilliant, Penetrating, Perfectly Pre-Focused 320-Lumen Beam, And A 15-Lumen Low-Output Setting That Lets You Greatly Extend The Runtime Per Set Of Batteries, An Invaluable Option When You Find Yourself Miles From Civilization. Press The Tailcap Switch For Momentary-On Low, Press Further To Click Constant-On Low, Return To Off And Press Or Click On Again Within Two Seconds For High. The High-Strength Aerospace Aluminum Body Is Smoothly Sculpted For A Comfortable, Secure Grip And Is Hard Anodized To Military Specifications For Extreme Resistance To Scratches, Abrasion, And Corrosion. A Polycarbonate Micro-Textured Reflector Delivers A Comparatively Wider Beam With Generous Peripheral Light. We Also Make A Polymer-Body Version Of This Light, The G2X Pro, And A Single-Output Version With A Tactical Tailcap Switch, The 6Px Tactical. Features Virtually Indestructible Led Emitter Regulated To Maximize Light Output And Runtime Two Output Levels - High For Maximum Light, Low For Extended Runtime Precision Micro-Textured Reflector Creates Smooth, Optimized Beam Tough Polycarbonate Window Resists Impact High-Strength Aerospace Aluminum Body, Mil-Spec Hard-Anodized For Extreme Durability Dual-Output Tailcap Click Switch - Press For Momentary-On Low, Click For Constant-On Low, Return To Off Then Press Or Click Again For High Weatherproof - O-Ring And Gasket Sealed Includes High-Energy 123A Batteries With 10-Year Shelf Life