Surefire R1 Lawman Flashlight - SF-R1-B-BK

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 Surefire R1 Lawman Flashlight - SF-R1-B-BK

Designed for the specific needs of law enforcement and tactical professionals, the R1 Lawman Rechargeable LED Flashlight with IntelliBeam from SureFire is a versatile 1000-lumen maximum, variable-output LED light. IntelliBeam selects the ideal output based on ambient light and environmental conditions. In an open field or a large structure, you'll get the full 1000 lumens, but in a smaller space, you'll get a lower output. You still have the option of overriding IntelliBeam for full output at any time, and the R1 is also equipped with a strobe that can disorient an adversary.

The light's micro-textured reflector produces a pre-focused beam that has a tight center cone of bright light, with a dimmer ring on the periphery to help maintain situational awareness. The two-stage tailcap switch controls the momentary, constant-on, and strobe modes; you can also control momentary and constant-on modes with the push button head switch.

Designed for durability, the light features a weatherproof O-ring and gasket-sealed hard anodized aluminum body with a tempered and anti-reflection coated glass window. A dimpled grip on the handle helps maintain a secure grip while wearing gloves, or in cold and wet conditions.

An integrated charging port on the handle allows the flashlight to be charged without removing the battery. An indicator light shows the charging status, and battery power level. The flashlight comes with an international 110/220VAC and 12VDC car charger kit. In the event that the rechargeable battery runs out, the light can also work with two 123A disposable batteries. When using these batteries, the high output is reduced to 500 lumens and overall runtimes are reduced by approximately 25%.