American Wall Mount Pistol Locker - 4 Door

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Imagine a pistol locker that has the versatility to be mounted on the wall or recessed into the wall. Gun muzzle rests on padded shelf. System includes two keys per lock. Shipped entirely assembled and ready to use.


One Tier 14" x 4 x 9 357mm x 102 x 229
Four Tier 14" x 4 x 28 357mm x 102 x 711
Ten Tier 13 3/4" x 2 7/8" x 5 3/8" 349mm x 73 x 137


  • Sides and Back Sides and back 20 gauge are one piece construction
  • Bottom, Top and Shelves: Are made of 20 gauge. The bottom, top and shelves provide a full length door stopper
  • Door: The door is made of 16 gauge.
  • Hinge: The spring piano hinges are made of 20 gauge and are riveted at the side with aluminum rivets RIV-068 (3/16" x 1/2").
  • Finished Surface: Steel is polished until complete disappearance of any imperfection on surface. Steel is cleaned and protected from corrosion using a phosphate treatment. Tough baked enamel finish (lust 40-45%).


  • 4 compartment with lock (2 keys per lock)
  • Pistol Holsters
  • Color: Standard Grey 9363