Avon CTCF50 Filter For C50 Protective Mask - 4 Pack - 72606-3

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The Avon CTCF50 Filter is a low profile combination filter containing a pleated high-efficiency filter element for removal of aerosols, particulate matter, smoke, fumes and a carbon bed for the removal of vapors that may be released from trapped particles. It is specifically designed for removal of riot control agents and tear gases including CS, CN and OC pepper spray. NIOSH Certified filter for use with Avon 50 Series APR's.

  • Diameter: 111 mm
  • Weight:
  • Thread: 40mm to NATO STANAG 4155
  • Breathing Resistance: < 20 mm of H2O @ 85 l/min (typical)
  • Operational Temperature: -32 degrees C to 71 degrees C
  • Shelf Life: 5.5 years