KleenBore Lead Away Cloth 10 Pack - GC-221

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KleenBore manufactures some of the best cleaning components in the industry. Their products are backed by nearly 50 years of gun maintenance experience and are the favorites of hunters, law enforcement and the military worldwide. KleenBore also offers shooters an extensive line of classic and specialty cleaning kits, precision cleaning rods, brushes, accessories and solvents to keep weapons working properly after a hard day on the range or in the field.

This chemically treated cloth is ideal for removing tough lead and carbon build-up. Excellent for removing burn rings on cylinders and on stainless steel. Over 100 square inch cloth. Caution: excessive rubbing may remove bluing.

  • Removes Burn Marks
  • Wipes away Lead
  • Cleans carbon build up
  • Great for Stainless Firearms
  • 110 Sq Inches